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Welcome your palate to "8 colorful flavors of pork." We've combined spices and herbs from diverse cultures to introduce the eight complex flavors.

From pork's natural flavor to seasoning that gradually amplify your taste buds and increase your appreciation for pork.

Experience the difference in our unique and healthy method of grilling pork, and enjoy every step as we present to you, "8 colorful flavors of pork."



Wine: Wine (in moderation), lowers the risk of heart disease, and opens blood vessels for better circulation.

Original: All natural with no additives. Unveiling pork’s natural flavonoids, rich in Vitamin B1.

Black Sesami: Black Sesami stimulates the metabolism and promotes general wellness of health.

Garlic: Garlic lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure, and helps the body’s natural flow.

Herb: Natural herbs alleviate stress and depression.

Curry: Curry’s complex components prevent Alzheimer’s disease, as well as certain cancers.

Miso Paste: Miso Paste is rich in flavonoids and beneficial in circulating the body’s natural biochemistry.

Red Pepper Paste: Gochujang contains protein, healthy fats, Vitamins B2, Vitamin C and carotene.

9th Flavor

Galbi: Popular Korean style galbi ("short rib") sauce combined with our pork belly.


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